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Infrared Thermometers (Pyrometers) and Switches

LumaSense’s IMPAC pyrometers are temperature measurement instruments that operate on the principle of infrared radiation, i.e. they detect infrared radiation of objects to determine the temperature.

With a huge pyrometer product portfolio developed from years of research and customer contact, LumaSense Technologies provides solutions for nearly every application request. Special solutions that are not listed below can also be quickly adapted to customer or application specific specifications.

Pyrometer Series

PyrometersPyrometer-Handgeraete_135x135A series of portable pyrometers for quick diagnostics and measurements at different applications
Series 5Pyrometer_Serie5Very wide range of compact pyrometer-series in 50 mm-tube housing Series 6Pyrometer-IMPAC-ISR6-Advanced_135x135Stationary, digital high-end pyrometers for general and special applications Series 12Pyrometer_Serie10Very precise pyrometers in robust alu die cast housing for special industry applications Series 50Pyrometer_Serie50Modern pyrometer series with fiber optics
Series 140Pyrometer-Serie140_135x135Modern, robust pyrometer series, with extensive equipment Series 320Pyrometer-Serie-320Small, short wavelength digital pyrometers Series 300 & 310Pyrometer_Serie300Very small, good value pyrometers Series 510 & 520IN520_ZwischenseiteDigital pyrometers with miniature sensor head Series 2000 & 3000Pyrometer-Serie3000_135x135Small, simple sensors with different measuring outputs
IMPAC Highspeed
PyrometersSerie740_135pxExtremly fast analog pyrometers
Series M67SPyrometer-Mikron-M67S_135x135Robust pyrometers with many options for optics and wavelength PhotriX SeriesPhotrix_Indust_135x135Precision near infrared optical radiation thermometers E²TE2T-Quasar_M8100_135x135Pyrometers for the petrochemical industry Series 210Pyrometer-IMPAC-Series-210_135x135Small pyrometer series with service interface
SpecialsM680_135x135Examples of implemented “special solutions” Temperature SwitchesTemperature-switch-KTG218_frontSwitches for recognizing without contact a hot object Pyrometer
Accessorieskuehlgehaeuse_schutzfenstExtensive portfolio of electronic and mechanical accessories
Product overview IMPAC pyrometersIMPAC-Pyrometers_ProductOverviewpdf-download Calibration GeometryCalibration_Geometrypdf-download