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World Class Reliability


Corona Scanning

Utilizing the Ofil family of Corona Scanning Cameras, Reliability Point has the ability to easily detect corona and arcing sources, determine the level of activity, and pinpoint the exact location of the problem. Using this information we can better determine both the resolution and severity, allowing you to avoid costly downtime and unnecessary maintenance. This technology is utilized in Medium voltage.

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Furnace/Reformer/Boiler Scanning

Utilizing IR cameras specifically designed with flame filters, borescopic lens, and high temperature materials, Reliability Point has the ability to properly inspect furnaces, reformers, and boilers for maintenance, safety, and operational issues. Click here for more information.

Asset Integrity Maintenance Program Design & Management

A vital element in designing an Asset Integrity Maintenance Program Plan is the selection of the proper reliability methods and tools that will be the most effective in allowing you to achieve the program objectives in a sustainable manner, given your budget, resources, and operating parameters. Click here for more information.