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Transformer Monitoring

Engineered Solutions: DR-E Series

E3The E Series is a custom-engineered product providing a maximum level of flexibility. Each system is custom designed based on the individual application. DR-E Series products feature monitoring and control functions while supporting multiple simultaneous communications acting as a communication hub on the transformer, providing all transformer date over one signal communication link.

E Series Service PhotoEngineered solutions are quoted to provide a range of customer focused services including: application planning, solutions design, systems engineering, development of technical specifications / drawings and documentation packages, 3rd party device integration, product configuration, detailed testing, commissioning and application specific support.

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DR-C57Pre-Engineered Solutions – DR-C50 Series

The DR-C50 Series is a pre-engineered product. The DR-C50 features a modular, configurable expansion frame allowing customers to order the functionality they desire. Functionality includes: basic cooling control with or without Voltage control, with or without OLTC / LTC monitoring and annunciation functions.

C52 GroupDR-C50 Series Customers may select incremental modules from those mentioned prior and/or digital input, digital output expansion cards. More advanced options include serial links, or Powerline Communications (PCS) to external devices for integration of on-line DGA, bushing and direct measurement of the transformer winding temperature via fiber optic sensors.

The product is provided with standardized wiring diagrams and is user configurable allowing a cost effective solution for most basic transformer applications.

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Diagnostic Transformer Monitor (DTM) – DM Series

DTM_155The DM Series is a diagnostic transformer monitoring system providing bushing and / or partial discharge monitoring for any distribution, transmission or GSU application.

The DTM’s modular design allows for the appropriate scope of monitoring to detect problems in bushings, windings, de-energized tap changers, OLTC/LTC and or the bus connected to a transformer. DTM can be packaged for stand-alone, panel or enclosure mounting to suit various installation requirements.

DTM’s on-line partial discharge monitoring complements the bushing monitoring function providing rapid response allowing the correlation and location identification by identifying which phase and which winding warrant attention.

Two base product configurations are available:

  • DTM-I, including six current inputs
  • DTM-V, including three voltage and 3 current inputs.

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DRMCC: T Series

t3The T series product is comprised of the DRMCC-T1, -T2 and the T3 product is a sub-set of our E-Series product. The DRMCC-T3 uses all the same I/O modules as the newer DR-E3. For those applications where an upgrade is needed, a simple exchange of the CPU module, power supply and user display will enable customers to upgrade existing systems to the latest in features and capabilities

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Substation Communications

The challenge of transferring data between the substation yard and the control building can be solved via a variety of methods. Fibre optic cable connections are often the preferred method for new installations. However, in retrofit applications, the cost of installing new fibre connections can be prohibitive, not to mention the unexpected costs associated with blocked or collapsed ducts and the additional engineering cost associated with documenting the new cable installation. Dynamic Ratings offers packaged solutions to solve communications challenges.

Power Line Communication Systems -PCS

pcsThe Dynamic Ratings’ PCS system provides a “substation hardened” solution to securely transmit data from a transformer or other substation intelligent electronic device (IED) to the control building. Using modern data encryption technologies, data is transmitted using serial or Ethernet TCP/IP over any existing wire thereby reducing installation costs.

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Wireless Radio Systems

Dynamic Ratings’ monitoring systems have been proven to be compatible with a number of different wireless radios offering serial or Ethernet configurations. The standard model used for serial connection is 2.4GHz frequency hopping, spread spectrum. Each system is custom designed for the specific installation including the antenna, custom cables and enclosure penetration kits. Your local Dynamic Ratings office can provide full support for wireless systems as required by our customers.


Dynamic Ratings provides a variety of sensors useful in measuring the physical properties of interest related to electrical apparatus operation. These sensors convert the measured properties into a signal readily used by an observer or an intelligent device, such as a DR Monitoring, Control and Communication System.

Temperature Sensors

One of the design advantages of the Dynamic Ratings’ control and monitoring products is the ability to minimise or eliminate the need for external transducers. Our standard designs allow direct wiring of single element PT100 RTDs eliminating the need for additional 4-20mA transducers. Dual element RTDs are available and accommodated as required.

Ambient Temperature Sensor with Radiation Shield

sensor_hThis ambient temperature assembly utilises a weather shield to provide protection from the effects of solar radiation and precipitation.

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Magnetic Mount – RTD Temperature Sensor

MMTS Armored Cable front and back view MMTS Armored Cable WhiteThe magnetic mount, resistive temperature device (RTD), temperature sensors provide durable construction, rapid installation and an easy method for measuring transformer top and bottom oil or load tap changer tank temperatures.

Thermal Well Probe – RTD Temperature

Dynamic Ratings offers a number of thermal well RTDs and accessories, with varying dimensions and thread sizes, as well as spring-loaded sensors to ensure positive contact with the base of the thermal well. Spring-loaded RTDs improve the response of the sensor.

SSTW Stainless Steel Thermal Well
sensor_f SE-060 Thermal Well Probe RTD

sensor_eOLTC / LTC – Tap Position Sensor

The monitoring systems provided by Dynamic Ratings can accept tap position input from a variety of different sensors and transducers, including DC analogue and BCD

For installations where a reliable and economical non-contact type sensor is required, Dynamic Ratings can offer a sensor which may be adapted to commonly used OLTC drive mechanisms.

sensor_dBushing Sensors (BAU)

Te BAU bushing sensors provide a non-invasive, dual-purpose sensor which detects problems in the bushing or within the main transformer tank.

Dual Purpose Sensor

Type BAU sensors provide both a power frequency and high frequency signal to Dynamic Ratings monitoring equipment. These signals monitor the bushing insulation as well as for partial discharges that may be occurring in bushings or windings.

Custom Adaptors for Various Tap Styles

BAU Sensors GroupBushing Sensor Dynamic Ratings continues to grow a library of different bushing test tap adaptors. Presently, there are 34 different adaptor types to choose from. Our application engineering team can review your bushing drawings and select the proper adapter for your specific application. New designs can be manufactured in three weeks.

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Partial Discharge (PD) Sensors

Partial discharge (PD) sensors are used to detect problems in numerous types of electrical apparatus including: Generators, Power Transformers, Switchgear, Motors and Iso-Phase Bus. The (PD) Sensors below are fully compatible with Dynamic Ratings monitoring devices. The primary sensor for Partial Discharge Monitoring is the type BAU bushing sensor (above). Additional sensors are often used to help filter out external noise and provide additional sensitivity.

sensor_cRogowski Coil Sensor

Rogowski coil sensors are often included for electrical partial discharge monitoring systems on transformers with voltages of 100kV or higher.

(RC) sensors are polarity sensitive air-core high frequency current transformers used in conjunction with bushing type (BAU) sensors. Pulse polarity is compared to determine the signal direction of (PD) activity.

sensor_bGround Path Current Sensor – (GPCS)

The Ground Path Current Sensor (GPCS) provides non-invasive, directionally sensitive PD detection in electrical equipment by connecting from the High Voltage (HV) cable shield or isolated phase bus (IPB) enclosure to ground. The GPCS is often used in conjunction with coupling capacitors to provide a comprehensive monitoring solution.

RFCT lolipopsRadio Frequency CTs – (RFCT)

Radio Frequency Current Transformers (RFCT) measure PD in the ground circuits of a variety of electrical equipment. Typically, RFCTs are installed around cable termination shield connections, neutral ground wires and external core ground connections on large power transformers and isolated surge capacitors typically found on large motors.

sensor_aCoupling Capacitor (CC)

The Coupling Capacitor is a versatile partial discharge sensor commonly used to detect PD in many applications including generators, switchgear, motors, isolated phase bus (IPB) and power transformers.

Typically, coupling capacitors (CC) are connected to equipment at the line terminal. Three voltage levels are available: 8, 16 and 28 kV.