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Online DGA


SmartDGA® is the industry’s most cost-effective Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) solution, designed to provide the best user experience and maximum flexibility.

LumaSense Technologies is a world leader in sensing solutions, with over 50 years of temperature and gas sensing expertise in various industries. LumaSense is well established in fiber optic temperature measurement through Luxtron Fiber Optic Hot Spot sensing solutions, with over 5,000 transformers monitored globally over 30 years. Additionally, LumaSense Technologies has shipped over 400,000 instruments with the NDIR technology over the past 45 years.

SmartDGA® for Safer and More Efficient Asset Utilization

SmartDGA® addresses three major challenges:

  • Price: most DGA monitors are too expensive to support wide-scale deployment, thus limiting the ability to realize a Smart Grid and true condition-based maintenance.
  • Flexibility: online DGA systems lack flexibility and the ability to accurately identify and mitigate faults.
  • Ease-of-Use: most monitoring technologies are cumbersome to install, maintain and service, leading to a poor overall user experience.

The LumaSense Solution

LumaSense has developed a cost-effective online monitoring solution based on proven, state-of-the-art non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) technology.

This new suite of products is designed to allow customers to continuously monitor and control the condition of LTCs and transformers.

SmartDGA® Products

Industry’s most Cost-Effective Online DGA monitors for Load Tap Changers and Transformers

SmartDGA Gauge™SmartDGA-Gauge SmartDGA Guard™SmartDGA-Guard SmartDGA Guide™SmartDGA-Guide
 SmartDGA EZHub™EZHub LumaSMART iCore™iCore SmartDGA® Softwaresmartdga-viewer-software