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Fixed Thermal Imaging

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Stationary Thermal Imaging Cameras designed for temperature measurement of dedicated industrial applications

LumaSense thermal imaging cameras accurately measure temperature and operate by using reliable infrared technology. These high-tech instruments can precisely determine the object temperature and the temperature distribution even on small and fast moving objects.

Thermal imaging cameras perform an essential control function in major manufacturing industries. By monitoring the temperature, users can control entire factory production processes as well as ensure highest quality standards.

thermal-imaging-camera-MC320 Low Temperature Thermal ImagersLong Wavelength Thermal Imagers (LW, 8…14 µm) for measurement on non-metal surfaces at temperatures between -40…1600°C
thermal-imaging-camera-MC320 Mean Temperature Thermal ImagersMid Wavelength Thermal Imagers (MW, 3…5 µm) for measurement on metal andceramics starting at 150°C, on glass and through flames at temperatures between 150…1600°C [
Thermal-imaging-camera-MIKRON-MCS640_250x250 High Temperature Thermal ImagersShort Wavelength Thermal Imagers (SW, at 1 µm) for measurement on metal surfaces at temperatures between 600…3000°C
LumaSpec-Main-Display-View Thermal Imaging SoftwareWindows-Based Thermal Imaging Software that offers Real-time Data Acquisition and Image Analysis Capabilities
field-service Turn-key Service and SupportLumaServ™ System Support is available with all our Thermal lmaging Solutions. Our LumaServ™ Field Service offerings include on-site expert installation and commissioning support as well as post-installation services designed to ensure minimal downtime and optimal performance.