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DayCor® Ranger is a pan&tilt vehicle mounted insepction solution for driven practices. Ranger benefits from the unique capabilities of DayCor® in combination with optional additional supreme sensors, such as infrared & HD, and a durable, full featured, high-speed pan/tilt unit.

Ranger guarantees the highest ultraviolet (UV) detection sensitivity coupled with data achieved from other sensors. The stabilizing mount guarantees smooth and sharp video clips of the inspected area with GPS data and corona severity indications.

Ranger is the most reliable scanning system that provides pinpointed display of corona and its emitting sources. The system is controlled and operated remotely from within the vehicle using a joystick with pre-set positions and a consolidating controlling notebook for all imagers.


  • Corona detection outstanding sensitivity
  • Rapid zoom of the visible channel
  • Auto focus of UV and Visible channels
  • Consolidated control for multiple sensors
  • Durable notebook with 14″ outdoor readable display
  • Video recording with audio & GPS
  • Single or multi sensors payload
  • Durable, full featured, high-speed pan/tilt unit


  • Perfect for long distance and remote inspection
  • Extended yet comfortable working hours
  • Immediate results with playback of the captured findings
  • Multi system inspection streamlines inspection procedures and reduces manpower costs