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thumb-1Designed and developed for continuous temperature measurement inside high temperature furnaces in refining, metals and glass production, the FurnaceSpection imager provides users a critical tool for improving process and reducing waste.

This radiometric imager accurately measures the temperature of  product, refractory and heat transfer surfaces inside natural gas fired furnaces. For example, in refineries the LumaSense FurnaceSpection™ system enables reformer operators the ability to ensure tubes perform optimally for their longest possible lifecycle. At a cost of several thousands of dollars per tube and a re-tubing costs in the millions, a significant amount of capital can be lost if tube failure goes unnoticed or tubes are retired too early or too late. In metal annealing applications, FurnaceSpection cameras have allowed users to reduce cycle times while at the same time improving quality and process repeatability.

FurnaceSpection™ helps operators monitor and control process temperature uniformity through streaming images and powerful software for analysis and historical trending, outputs to automation and DCS, and a real-time web server to broadcast images of the plant’s local network.

FurnaceSpection™ Features include:

  • a rugged enclosure
  • an exceptionally accurate 640×480 focal-plane array thermal imaging camera with sensitivity of 0.06 °C.
  • a standard Ethernet interface that simplifies communications and networking in the plant.
  • integrated borescope optics filtered at 0.85μm wavelength that allows the imager to clearly view through the combustion gas and flames.
  • air-purged and water-cooled lens with standard length is 24” (60 cm) with a wide viewing angle. (Optional lens lengths are available as well as various classes for EX environments)

FurnaceSpection’s proven technology provides critical insight for failure prevention and asset management.

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See through Flames, Save Millions with the Revolutionary LumaSpection™ Systems for Boilers

BoilerSpection™ is a revolutionary thermal imaging system that helps coal plants run more efficiently, extract more energy from their coal, and increase productivity.

The challenge every coal plant owner or operator faces is to generate the maximum amount of energy with the lowest emissions in the safest and most economical way. To do so plant operators constantly manage changing fuels, loads, and operations. While switching coals helps to meet price and emissions standards, it can produce greater fouling and slagging of the boiler tube surfaces.

Dirty boiler tubes can reduce efficiency. To keep the plant running at the highest achievable efficiency soot and ash must be optimally cleaned from the boiler tubes. Currently, coal plant operators use a number of ways to clean boiler tubes but have inadequate methods to measure their effectiveness and many have negative impacts such as prolonged downtime and thermal stress to the boiler tubes.

BoilerSpection™ provides a unique view into the boiler, allowing operators to have more precise control of their boiler.

BoilerSpection Comparison Chart (pdf)

Parameter BoilerSpection SD BoilerSpection MB
Temperature 500°C to 1600°C 500°C to 1600°C
Camera MC320 (3.9 μm) MC320 (3.9 μm)
Focus Manual Manual
Retraction System Available NA
Lens Zinc Sulfide Zinc Sulfide
Weight (lbs) 30 30
Battery Pack No Yes
Straight Optics Yes Yes
Dual Use
Yes Yes
Radiometric Calibration Yes Yes
Output Gige/Analog Gige/Analog
Lens Length Option (mm) 457.2, 609.6, 914.4 457.2, 609.6
FOV Standard:50°X38°
Wide: 75° HFOV
Wide: 75° HFOV
Right angle optics Special Special
Air Requirement 35-50m3/hr 35-50m3/hr
Enclosure Type Stainless Steel Sheath Stainless Steel Sheath

thumb-2BoilerSpection™ SD

With BoilerSpection™, coal plant operators can proactively manage their boilers and vastly improve uptime. In fact, a return on investment study by customer’s have found ROIs measured in only a few months, not years.

thumb-3BoilerSpection™ MB

Built for mobile use, BoilerSpection-MB utilizes special mid-wave infrared detectors to see through flames. This unique feature means BoilerSpection-MB can provide the clearest and most stable through-flame images in boilers, furnaces, kilns or incinerators.