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Conventional Inspection Techniques

Reliability Point offers a full suite of Conventional Inspection Techniques to satisfy code requirements ranging from callout jobs to staffing large construction projects. All technicians are qualified according to ASNT-TC-1A for each discipline and can be coupled with API or AWS inspector upon request.

Reliability Point offers the following Conventional Inspection Techniques:

Dye Penatrent (PT) & (MT) Magnetic Particle:

  • Projects ranging from New Construction to small and large repair jobs.

UT Thickness:

  • Wall Thickness Survey to establish corrosion rates & remaining life
  • Wall Thickness Survey used on but not limited to, Pressure Vessels
  • Piping, Pipelines, and Above Ground Storage Tanks

UT Shearwave:

  • Inspect Pipe, Critical Welds in Pressure Vessels and Plate
  • Weldments, and Used to Inspect Cracks for Depth
  • Length and Orientation


ThinkstockPhotos-463334817Reliability Point provides all employees with the opportunity for continuous education and training. Reliability Point realizes that employee training plays a vital role in successfully providing world-class service to our clients by always supplying certified and trained professionals in an always changing inspection industry.