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Phased Array Ultrasonics Inspection

What is Phased Array Inspection?

Phased array ultrasonic systems uses multi-element probes, which are individually excited under the control of a computer device. By exciting each element in a controlled manner, a focused beam of ultrasound can be generated. The software then enables the beam to be steered. Two and three-dimensional views can be generated showing accurate flaw sizes and locations.

Case Studies

Many case studies and actual field inspection have proven that phased array technology is more reliable and provides an extremely more precise flaw sizing than conventional manual ultrasonic inspection.

Phased Array Usage

Phased Array can be used for Weld Inspection, Flaw Detection, Corrosion Assessments, Composite Inspection etc… Phased Array techniques are widely utilized and are an accepted practice in several industries including Oil and Gas, Aerospace, Power Plant and Petrochemical. 

phased_array1Field/Reporting Advantages:

  1. Ability to use multiple elements to steer, focus and scan beams with a single transducer assembly
  2. Electronic focusing permits optimizing the beam shape and size at the expected defect location, as well as further optimizing probability of detection
  3. Client deliverable image, inserted into electronic reporting of each Phased Array scan with physical evidence of defect of non-defect scans.


Food For Thought:

The potential initial disadvantages of phased array systems are a somewhat higher cost and a requirement for operator training, however these costs are frequently offset by their greater flexibility and a reduction in the time required to perform a given inspection.