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Transformer Monitoring

High voltage power transformer substation

Condition Monitoring of Transformers is the process of acquisition and processing of data related to various parameters of transformers, so as to identify and/or predict problems, thereby preventing the failure of the transformer.

In terms of Asset Reliability and Criticality, in virtually every industrial setting, the “Main Power” transformer is the most critical component, one of the most expensive assets, and has a longer lead time to replace than most everything on site. Many large industrial facilities such as refineries, paper mills and steel mills will have several transformers that fall into this group. Utility providers in both Transmission and Distribution literally have “Fleets” of them. For these reasons, condition monitoring of these type transformers is extremely important.

To provide our clients with the proper solutions, Reliability Point has partnered with the best in the business, providing the equipment, knowledge, and expertise necessary to ensure the highest level of reliability achievable for these critical assets. From winding temperature, to Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA), to Bushing Monitoring, our portable and on-line systems make ‘Zero” failures possible!

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