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Infrared Imaging

LumaSpection™ TS724DV

thumbAutomated, Continuous Thermal and Visual Imaging to Identify Thermal Abnormalities within Electrical Substations and Other Process Control Systems

  • Enables Thermography 24/7
  • Remote Fault detection and Alarm Generation
  • Immediate Analysis of Dynamic Conditions
  • Remotely Monitor Multiple Critical Substation Assets from One Central Controller
  • Automated Monitoring Tours and Full Manual Directed Control
  • Additional Security with both Infrared and Optional Visual Camera
  • Integrates into Existing Facilities Networks

LumaSpection™ TS724DV Remote Thermal Monitoring System represents another milestone in innovative infrared thermometry. With its multiple camera system functionality, it is the first system to allow remote monitoring of temperatures in real time through image data obtained from one or more cameras to a single PC.

Designed with advanced maintenance-free electronics and industrial protective packaging, the LumaSpection™ TS724DV system offers high degree of accuracy for demanding industrial and electric applications while quickly measuring temperature without contact in even the most adverse environments.

With an unmatched array of optional accessories, the LumaSpection™ TS724DV system demonstrates our commitment to long-term trouble-free operation.

Features include:

  • Real-Time, Remote Monitoring/Control with Full Range Pan-and-Tilt Capability
  • High Resolution Readings of 0.08 °C at up to 60 measurements per second
  • Temperature Measurement between -40°C and 500°C
  • Alarm Communication via OPC/Modbus or Standard Alarm Feedback (Relay, 4-20mA, 0-10V, etc.)
  • Multi-Spot Temperature Measurement with Independent Emissivity Settings at Each “Tour” Location

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