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Fixturlaser EVO


The evolution of laser shaft alignment towards simplicity and confidence continues with the Fixturlaser EVO.

  • Intuitive interface
  • 5-inch touch screen
  • Color coded results
  • Improved 3D animations with video game quality graphics
  • MEMS gyroscope built-in to both sensors
  • Large 30 millimeter 2nd generation scientific grade CCD sensors
  • Wireless Bluetooth® II built-in to small compact sensors
  • Lifetime warranty


Shaft Alignment

Horizontal Machines
The Fixturlaser EVO measures the need for horizontal alignment, but its real power is in helping correct misalignment. The dual sensors allow the EVO to continually read the true position of the shafts, even as uncontrolled movements are experienced during the alignment process. The benefit of this “true position sensing” is that it allows the user to complete the alignment using a Verti-Zontal™ move adjusting in both the vertical and horizontal planes without re-measuring between moves. Alignments can usually be completed in just one or two tries.
Vertical Machines
The same power and ease of use is offered in an application for the alignment of vertically mounted machinery.


Soft Check™
Softcheck™: The Softcheck™ routine helps control for soft foot conditions. The EVO allows the user to go directly from Softcheck™ to measuring shaft alignment.
This program allows the user to test alternate solutions in situations where the movable machine is base bound or bolt bound.
Target Values
Allows the system to compensate for pre-determined alignment targets. The user can establish targets using the function and then go directly to shaft alignment.
Memory Manager

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