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Pipe Inspection


Reliability Point provides pipe and tube inspection solutions for lines ranging from ½” to 120” in diameter. Our inventory of visual inspection tools includes a full line of intrinsically-safe and explosion-proof camera systems for use in virtually all industries, including refinery, petrochemical and pipelines. Camera deployment methods include robotic crawlers, push-camera systems, and articulating video and borescopes. Outfitting our experienced technicians with the proper tools and our customized reporting system, allows us to deliver a superior product in a safe, efficient, and cost effective manner.








Our experience in RVI of piping systems include process piping, process sewers, process storm drainage systems, LNG facilities, municipal sewer systems, municipal drainage, pipeline sludgecatchers, pipeline prover loops, electrical power conduit systems, firewater piping, cooling water piping, and boiler and furnace tubes, in addition to many other types of pipes and tubes.

Our Reliability Based “Inspect before Repair” approach has saved our clients millions of dollars in unnecessary repair costs over the years, allowing them to focus on specific problem areas and prioritize repairs rather than replace entire lines.