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Foreign Material Retrieval Services


Foreign material location and retrieval is an essential part of any system turnover, system restart, turbine or compressor clean-out activity, or any FME program/process.











When left unchecked, the presence of foreign material in a process system or component (rotating equipment, vessels, piping systems, transformers, etc.) can severely delay scheduled startups,  damage or destroy expensive assets, or shut-down your entire operation. Even with the most stringent foreign material exclusion (FME) program, problems can occur.

Whether it is a dropped component or other foreign material, Reliability Point will provide rapid-response and come equipped with a full range of inspection cameras and retrieval tools. We will quickly locate and retrieve foreign materials through the use of existing access points, eliminating the costly and timely expense of cutting into piping systems or disassembling critical components.

Our ability to provide “Rapid Deployment” combined with our FME Retrieval experience and large inventory of specialized extraction tools, allows us to complete job quickly and allows you to get back on schedule with minimal delay and expense.