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Continuous Machinery Monitoring

UntitledIn the past, Continuous Monitoring was only reserved for the most critical components or consisted on a single sensor tied into the plant DCS. The cost of routine manual monitoring, the complexity of monitoring critical machines, the need for “real time” data on critical assets, the demand to achieve “Zero” failures and worker/plant/public safety are some of the main reasons fueling the demand for continuous machinery monitors.

In today’s market, these systems are now routinely installed on many Balance of Plant (BOP) machines to drive down the cost of manual monitoring while providing realtime, accurate, repeatable data.

continuousReliability Point began installing single point continuous monitors in the mid 1980s, primarily to monitor machinery vibration. In 1995 we installed our first, large, plant-wide vibration monitoring system and have now installed over 75 such systems.   In 2003 we installed our first Critical Vessel monitoring system using fixed infrared monitors, quickly followed by our first system using infrared to monitor the internals of a working coal fired boiler. Today we have been installed over 100 fixed Infrared continuous monitoring system. Our latest foray into continuous monitoring involves large industrial power transformers where we install systems to continuously monitor transformer operating parameters, bushings, partial discharge, winding temperatures, cooling fan operation, and oil quality, all real time.

To provide our clients with the best solutions, Reliability Point has partnered with the best in the business, providing the equipment, knowledge, and expertise necessary to provide our clients with the proper system that meets their objects. We invite you to contact us today for your Continuous Monitoring needs.